Our Mission

To be the leading Nigerian Hospitality professionals. We deliver Authentic Hospitality to our guests, profit to our clients, and brand growth and position to each property. We live up to our core values: Passion - Performance - Promise.

Who we are

Hotels are different from other types of real estate investments primarily due to their daily occupancy and revenue fluctuations, the requirement for specialized management, and labor intensity. Understanding the cyclical nature and dynamics of hotel markets are critical to good investment decision-making.

Owners are looking for staying power and long-term relationships. Today, the trend is moving toward unique Hospitality experiences that capture the imagination of the guest, as travelers seek out high quality and stimulating Hospitality brands. Bluebyte Hospitality Limited was born out of passion and appreciation for heartfelt service, which we call “Authentic Hospitality."

Our Team

Our team has experience of more than 5 Hotels nationwide, both developed and developing, and at all market levels, from deluxe hotels to roadside lodges. Our clients include most of the major player in the Hospitality sector in Nigeria : - government, and individual entrepreneurs. We have considerable experience --As well as working on numerous single asset transactions, we work in Nigeria with a consortium of advisers.