Hotel Recovery Plan

After several years of operation some hotels find themselves in need of a new approach when the energy has gone, associates take a “been-there-done-that’’.

Bluebyte Hospitality Ltd will work efficiently and quickly to identify problem areas within the asset. Typically cash is in short supply and the property has suffered.

Operating from the perspective of an owner of the distressed hotel, Bluebyte Hospitality Ltd will formulate a detailed plan of action. The focus is on four key areas:

  • Physical Plant - The asset will undergo a thorough inspection to determine which needs should be handled immediately or postponed.  Our experience in re-positioning hotels assists us in making smart decisions on how to implement changes to the asset and impact the guest without a significant capital investment.
  • Employees - All key employees are interviewed and either re-hired or terminated.  For those employees that remain, a dedicated focus will be placed on improving morale.
  • Financial Reporting - Bluebyte Hospitality Ltd will generate timely and detailed financial information for distressed hotels or hotels in receivership have allowed us to create a strong reference list - both from owners and from the courts.
  • Revenue Generation - Bluebyte Hospitality Ltd  brings a very tactical approach to increasing revenues for distressed properties in receivership.  All areas are put under a microscope: direct sales, third party channels (, Travelocity, OpenTable, GDS, etc.), brand contribution, advertising and media programs, etc.  We creatively search for ways to make an immediate and cost-effective impact on revenues.

Bluebyte Hospitality reviews all aspects of the hotel operations and in discussion with ownership assumes complete responsibility for management of the owner’s asset and for the development of a hotel recovery plan designed to restore profitability and operational excellence within all departments.