Pre-Opening and Development of Hospitality centers


  • Coordinate hotel room design and food and beverage areas
  • Coordinate architect, engineer, land planner, and interior designer
  • Coordinate layout/procurement of hotel furnishing, kitchen and lounge equipment, laundry equipment, and commercial area furnishings
  • Coordinate all computerized areas - front desk, energy management, restaurant, administration
  • Coordinate the telephone system, key and lock system, and audio visual system
  • Specify/procure ice machines, vacuum cleaners, maid carts, etc.


   1.  lobby, corridors and meeting rooms

   2.  rooms restaurant and lounge

  • Interview and recommend a design firm
  • Assist the interior design firm with the furnishing specifications for:


  • Create and implement the pre-opening marketing plan
  • Prepare pre-opening budgets (working capital, food, beverage, linens, china, etc.)
  • Recruit, interview, and hire all key management and sales personnel
  • Train all personnel
  • Recommend advertising agency
  • Establish definitive objectives and action plans for all departments
  • Obtain business licenses
  • Develop pricing for rooms, food and beverage
  • Develop specifications and bids on insurance
  • Coordinate the procurement of guest supplies and employee uniforms
  • Interface with potential hotel concessionaires
  • Develop employee benefit program and policy manual